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School of Professional Studies (CCSPS) Catalog Main


Dean and Faculty

Deirdre Letson, Dean:School of Professional Studies
Lisa Michalowicz, Director of Adult Student Services
Lisa Plantamura, Assistant Professor, Director of Instructional Design, & MBA Program Director
Donna Williams, Dean of Enrollment
Anthony Yacullo, Assistant Professor & Director of Faculty Services

School of Professional Studies (SPS) Mission

The purpose of School of Professional Studies (SPS) is to make it possible for working adults to earn a degree. SPS provides an innovative learning environment where adult students can complete their degree, either online or on-ground, while maintaining their careers and personal lives. Degree programs at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s level can accelerate careers and increase salaries, job security, and career options.

Associate of Liberal Arts Degree (AA)

The AA Degree with a Business emphasis is for those in the early stages of their management or professional career. It includes a solid foundation in the arts and sciences as well as introductory courses in management and business principles.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree (BSBA)

The BSBA Degree is designed for those working adult professionals looking to develop their business and management skills. It includes courses ranging from Public Speaking to Business Accounting to Business Law, Organizational Behavior, and Marketing Management.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Concentration in Organizational Studies (BAS)

The BAS degree combines Sociology with a Concentration in Organizational Studies which allows students to maintain a valuable business focus. It includes courses ranging from Organizational Theory to Cyber-Sociology to Global Societies, Ethics of Business and Leadership courses.

Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA)

Graduates of the MBA SPS program will learn how to apply newly developed skills so they can immediately and effectively perform in an upper-managerial position. They will have the necessary evaluative skills to make a critical analysis of an organization’s performance. Also, they will have an appreciation for the legal realms and cultural complexities of the American workplace, all the while demonstrating an understanding of the global business environment.

Please Note: In order to be successful in the MBA program, students should be capable of good oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to succeed in quantitatively oriented programs.

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